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One way for bands to combat the inevitable “Colorado Problems” that arise is to combine forces with other artists and play collaborative shows. Dead Floyd is a Colorado-based tribute act that celebrates the music of The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd. The four-piece band is made of up of veterans of the Colorado scene that have roots in past and present bands including Musketeer Gripweed, The Grippe, Holy Moses and the High Rollers and The Maji. They have slowly, and organically grown into a regional touring act, playing throughout Colorado, recently venturing into Utah and preparing for their first foray into Arizona. For this weekend’s shows the band was joined on the bill by Todd Sheaffer of Railroad Earth and From Good Homes. With Todd’s devoted following of local Colorado “Hobos,” and Dead Floyd’s front range fans, the shows would be mutually beneficial for the two acts, pulling together two fan bases that may not have gone to a show featuring only one of the acts.The format of the shows featured a solo acoustic set from Sheaffer, followed by a collaborative “Dead Set” with Sheaffer fronting Dead Floyd and finishing with a set from Dead Floyd.

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